Annual 2020 Junior Devo Racer X Cycling


  • Every member of Racer X Cycling is expected to actively support and promote the Team’s mission and goals by participating in team events, seeking volunteer opportunities, training and racing.
  • Every Racer X Cycling member is required to sign up for and race in a minimum of five (3) sanctioned races in 2020 to qualify for end-of-season rewards. If a racer completes less than five races in a calendar year, without good reason, they may be subject to non-renewal of membership for the following year.
  • Every Racer X Cycling member is required to volunteer for at least two (1) team internal, external or general community events in 2020 to maintain team membership. Trail building activity is planned as an opportunity.
  • Members must list “Racer X Cycling/ColoBikeLaw or “RXC/CBL” on their USAC membership and on all race entry forms. You will not receive credit towards the end of season rewards if your registration is incorrect.
  • While a member of Racer X Cycling, you will not race for another team during the race calendar year unless you have prior permission from the RXC board.
  • All Members must have a current-year’s kit, and Members must wear the most current Racer X Cycling racing kit during races. Current year's race kit is identified as such ("F2B2 20").
  • Sponsorship deals are STRICTLY for Racer X Cycling members only and must not be communicated to individuals outside the team, nor posted online, nor shopped at other bike shops or stores. Violation will, at the Board’s discretion, result in automatic dismissal from the Racer X Cycling Team.
  • 2020 Racer X Cycling membership term runs January 1st (or your signup date if after Jan. 1) and ends on December 31st. A complete 2020 membership application, full payment and RXC Board approval is required to be accepted as a Racer X Cycling team member.
  • Racer X Cycling team members are expected to strictly adhere to established and expected rules of conduct while riding a bike on roads or trails. See for more details. Violations of these guidelines can result in cancellation of current team membership or be subject to the member's non-renewal for the following year, as decided by the RXC Board.
  • Team training rides are formal RXC rides for RXC team members only. Non-team members can be invited only if they sign an RXC Team Release/Accident Waiver prior to the ride starting and if they agree to adhere to Team ride safety and code of conduct rules. Validated complaints by team members related to a non-team rider will result in an initial warning plus explanation to the identified rider and subsequent non-allowance to participate in any future Team activities thereafter, if negative behavior is repeated.
  • The annual Racer X Cycling membership fee is $280. This is a slight increase from our fee from the last five years.  The fee includes $100 for the 2020 RXC Membership and a $180 credit for the 2020 RXC custom Cuore race team base kit (1 each of: Bronze Sport short-sleeve jersey, Silver shorts or bib shorts, and a pair of socks).  When the Cuore clothing store opens (watch for an announcement!), all members must purchase, at a minimum, a cycling top and a cycling bottom (or combo). A pair of socks from DeFeet will also be part of this team base kit credit.
  • If your application is submitted after January 31, 2020, your kit and additional clothing will not arrive before the start of the 2020 racing season.
  • We will have additional clothing order opportunities.
  • All memberships are subject to review and approval by the RXC board.
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Bicycle Colorado Membership is included with your Racer X cycling membership for 2020